3form Brings Ignite Create Interactive to Sims Patrick Studio

Our Designers with 3form President for IgniteCreate Fun

We recently had a fun event at our office with 3form President and Creative Director, Ryan Smith. Instead of attending trade shows this year, Ryan decided to create this van and drive it around the country for a few months, providing a hands-on, interactive event right outside interior design firms in major cities, such as Atlanta, and one of them was Sims Patrick Studio!

3form Light Art & Studio by 3form (divisions of 3form) treated 14 of our designers to an on-location field trip.  We got in the van and each made a few hand-made pieces using heat form with an actual oven in the van.  The event was a fun way to see how the product is made, meet Ryan, and get out of the office as a staff to do something fun and different on a Friday afternoon!


Sara and Natalia Getting Creative

The designers made bowls, trays, decorate flowers, bracelets, and more.


Megan's Creation


Gina's Creation


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