Belleview Inn Design Celebrated for Historical Preservation


ATLANTA -The Belleview Inn remains one of Sims Patrick Studio’s biggest logistical challenges and proudest achievements. The project began by moving the 1750-ton standing structure roughly the length of a football field to its new foundation. After that, it was Sims Patrick Studios’ mission to bring the new vision for this site to life.

The restoration was focused on reusing and re-purposing as many of the existing materials as possible. The new foundation was constructed from bricks that were part of the original structure, restored stained glass windows became featured ceiling panels, and any doorknob or wood plank that could be reused, was.

The property has been featured in Inspire Magazine, Vol 9, a publication of BSB Design as well as a companion piece on their December blog “It’s All in the Details”. -

“Although it can be a difficult decision to dedicate significant resources to seemingly “minor” visual details, these elements directly affect appeal by highlighting the unique features of each project. In some cases, the design focus is entirely about detail, and that was the case for the Belleview Inn”

For more pictures of the completed project, visit our portfolio

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