Happy Birthday to Libby Patrick!

cakeIt is unusual for a leader to be both effective and loved by all her employees. Libby Patrick manages to endear herself to all who know and work with her through her positivity, work ethic and encouraging style. Here are some of the things Sims Patrick Staff wanted to say to Libby. Happy 29th birthday!

  • Thank you for your support, guidance, mentoring and friendship.

  • I love your whistling, singing, intelligence, talent and positive attitude.

  • My life is much more blessed with you in it!

  • You are by far my favorite professional whistler in the world.  I wish you many, many years of happy tunes!

  • I wish you the happiest of birthdays for one of the happiest people I know!

  • As you would say, "to be adored, you must be adorable!" You are definitely that and so much more!

  • I have never met such a talented, courageous and busy person in my life.

  • You rock!

  • You always know how to bring a smile to anyone's face and give the best hugs! I hope that this year is the best as you deserve nothing less.

  • You must have some kind of Cloud storage (wireless away from main center) technology. Otherwise I don't know how you can keep all that niceness, kindness and love for all of us in your tiny body and heart?

  • I love when you whistle and sing around the office. Especially when you whistle/sing hip hop songs “It’s getting hot in here” or “Low… low…low."

  • You don't ever take yourself too seriously. It’s constant laughter when we’re together and I love that positive energy about you.

  • What I love about you is that you are the master in the art of multitasking. You find time to listen to everybody's problems and their joyful stories, while securing the next big project, while doing some kickboxing and whistling a lovely tune. You can do it all.

  • You have been a wonderful, positive mentor to me, always eager and willing to share her knowledge, experience and kindness helping me and others learn.

  • I admire the way you love life and never stop dreaming!

We hope your birthday is filled with fun and surprises!  Happy birthday!! We love you!