Libby Patrick on panel about balancing trends in hotel design

20160328_HunterDesignPanel-(2)Hotel News Now covered the “Design to inspire: Creating the Unexpected” panel at the Hunter Hotel Conference that included Libby Patrick of Sims Patrick Studio. The article captured some of the Q & A part of the panel regarding hoteliers balancing trends and shelf-life of hotel design.

Some hotels avoid trying to be too trendy when it comes to design so that designs don’t age too fast. Libby Patrick, president of Sims Patrick Studio, said small things can be trendier because they can easily be changed.

“The more alive an item is, the less time it’s going to live,” Patrick said. “Things like upholstery and pillows and light fixtures and things like that can be more trendy, more fashion-oriented.

“We believe that if there’s a good design story, a great design can last forever.”

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