Libby Patrick's Leadership Style

Libby Patrick

I believe in empowering people. From my experience, people need to know what is expected, and then be trusted to do their job. Due to the supportive mentoring culture in our studio, typically, they exceed what is expected. I am open to innovation and encourage everyone to not just think outside the box, but to get rid of the box. This means everyone must be willing to learn from mistakes, repair, and grow. At Sims Patrick Studio, everyone has a lot of freedom AND a lot of responsibility, which, I believe, is an important balance. 

Our leadership team leads by example, setting the tone with a hard working, positive environment, where a balanced life and the personal growth of each person is important. Keeping a positive attitude, especially when challenges arise, we say things like, “Yes, people will rain on your parade. Get a good umbrella!” We encourage people to develop solutions for problems, instead of being complainers. 

Understanding our firm’s culture is also important. We take pride in the fact that everyone is willing to do anything around the office whether it is being the lead designer on a project or taking out the trash. We downplay competition between co-workers for recognition; everyone works together as a team. Our office is drama-free, at least most of the time! There is a mutual respect among peers and those who don’t fit into our culture tend to weed themselves out naturally.