Sims Patrick Studio Gives Thanks

thanksgiving-dinnerIn thinking about Thanksgiving, we decided to share some of the things for which we are thankful.  A couple of themes shined through in a really big way, both on the personal side of Sims Patrick Studio staff, as well as the “work” side.


On a personal level, family and health emerged as the common themes with our staff.  Here are a few comments… I am thankful for:

    • my beautiful family with two happy, healthy children.


    • having the freedom to choose the life I want to live.


    • my family and our health!


    • my wonderful husband and daughter.


    • sweet and precious moments with my daughters.


    • the time I get to spend exploring the great outdoors with loved ones!


    • my awesome husband and all the fun we have together, and of course I am grateful for our dachshund who is endlessly loving and entertaining!


    • supportive parents, who encourage me in all my endeavors.


    • having been given the grace to get through the past year’s tough stuff and for my family coming out even stronger on the other side.


    • my family because of the constant love and always supporting me with reaching my goal. They have helped me be the person I am today and can't thank them enough for that.


    • my two beautiful daughters.  They give me the strength and unconditional love to get through each day.  Without them, I would be a lost soul.  Besides them, I am grateful for my family and friends.  I hold their never-ending love and guidance so close to my heart.  


    • the opportunity I have to live here in Atlanta!​


    • my husband, son and dog, as well as our extended family and friends.


    • the most important part of my life - all my family members, how they have supported me in every difficult and also fun moment of this roller-coaster life.


    • adventurously fun friends who are always on board to get outdoors and encourage me to keep life exciting by breathing in the fresh air outside the busy city.


    • each member of my caring/fun/crazy family.


    • great friends and family to spend my holiday with.

When it comes to what SPS staff is thankful for regarding their work life, yet another theme presents itself – the fact that Sims Patrick Studio is simply a really special place to work.  I am thankful:

    • for a friendly work environment with genuine people who care about one another.


    • that I get to work in such a positive environment where I feel like a valued member of an awesome team.


    • to be surrounded by creativity and that no two days are ever the same.


    • for the support and camaraderie from the SPS team!


    • for a fun and creative work environment with very talented designers.


    • for all the love and support from my co-workers/ good friends!


    • for the opportunity to grow as a designer at Sps.


    • to work with people I respect, learn from, and love to be around.


    • to get to work with a leader who inspires me daily in everything she gets accomplished, while keeping her priorities right.


    • for the awesome prosperity our office has received over the last year.  Amazing.


    • humor and honesty, two attributes that I respect the most.


    • everyone who works here. We are like one big talented and gifted family. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with.  They are always there if you need some help with anything and have helped me grow as I person and designer.


    • for the tremendous amount of support, love and kindness everyone continuously provides me on an hourly/daily basis.  I’m truly blessed to have all these wonderful women (and man) in my life.


    • for getting to work with such a wonderful group of people in the interior design industry!


    • that we are expanding our office.


    • for both my home family and my work family!


    • for a work environment continuously filled with warm laughter and supportive optimism!


    • for hilarious co-workers who make me belly laugh!


    • for an amazing group of people to spend my work days with and create amazing spaces with.

Sims Patrick Studio wishes YOU a happy Thanksgiving!