Sims Patrick Studio Renderings for Atlanta Area Food Court Design Competition

919px X 496px copyThe Sims Patrick Studio retail team created a restaurant environment, expanding the seating area of this very successful 700-seat food court.  We used a combination of custom banquettes, communal tables, counters and loose tables and chairs,which expanded the existing architectural space and intricate floor patterns. We also introduced an outdoor seating area with café tables, communal tables, planters and bright colored umbrellas.  One of our goals was to improve and activate the circulation through the center axis of the food court space.  This is achieved by eliminating the existing water feature and replacing it with a large scale terrazzo pattern area flanked by custom banquettes and counters. Custom light pendants over the terrazzo pattern accentuates the entry while complementing the existing globe pendants. Located between the escalators and the carousel, a children’s area is introduced with children scale café and lounge seating, encouraging families to enjoy the entertainment aspects. As we approach each project, our ultimate goal is to make the food court unique and create a special environment that the customer wants to visit over and over. To view the other renderings of this project, click here.