Sims Patrick Studio to Cover the Homeless with Blankets

One of the things Sims Patrick Studio loves to do is to find ways to give back to our community. In early December, Natalia and a couple of other designers were thinking about the homeless men, women and children in Atlanta. Since we work with companies that always have large fabric samples, they thought, "We could sew blankets from these samples!"

They reached out to some of our reps to ask if they might have samples they no longer use that they could donate. Little did we know just how generous they would be! Large fabric samples were delivered by the truckload in some cases!

Our designers have been taking the samples home to wash and sew together to make blankets!

While we do not need more fabric samples right now, we are still taking donations of batting for inside the blankets, thread and gently used full blankets, until January 15th. If you would like to donate any blankets, please bring them to our office (click for the address).

Thank you to the companies who’ve donated so far!
Susy Teale and Desiree Huff of Covington Fabrics: HUGE donation of 1,039 pounds!!
Janet Hyde of P/Kaufmann
Jean Hall of Momentum Textiles
Margarita Leon of Fabric Innovations
Mike Bowden of the Grant Group
Susan Farrar of Farrar et Cie

We will be donating the blankets as they are ready to several different charities that serve the homeless.

The first blanket sewn for the homeless from the donated fabric. Thank you, Stephanie England!