What does Sims Patrick Studio do?

Libby Patrick

Sims Patrick Studio (SPS) is an interior design firm, primarily focused in the hospitality industry. We deliver innovative design solutions for large-scale building types. Our design expertise involves crafting three-dimensional spaces while selecting and documenting the most up-to-date details, materials, furnishings and technology. We work in teams with owners, operators, architects, specialty consultants, and contractors to make projects come to fruition.  

Currently, approximately 75% of our portfolio is hotels, about 15% shopping center renovation, and the rest is a mix of community projects like Ronald McDonald houses, churches, and professional office, some of which are LEED certified. As a mid-sized boutique interior design firm, we have a streamlined project management process as well as the credentials and experience to bring to life the most intricate luxury resort. We are budget-oriented and schedule-driven, while making effective design choices to give projects the flair that the owners seek. Our services include project management, programming, space planning, brand and identity interpretation, conceptual design, design development, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)-based construction documents, furniture specifications and procurement documentation, bidding and negotiation, as well as construction and procurement administration. We earn fees through our professional design service fees either as a lump sum or on an hourly basis per project.