Perimeter Mall

Atlanta, Georgia

It’s common—when it comes to common areas—to desire to bring the “outside in.” Less so to find inspiration in the cobblestone and concrete, light posts and pathways of an urban outdoor center. Our work for this suburban Atlanta mall does just that, however, adding greenery to comfortable corners and paver patterns to floors, inviting shoppers to congregate naturally in the food court’s transitional space or in high-tech lounges situated throughout the building. The result is a dynamic, modern place that feels alive and helps shoppers feel as if they’re part of an interactive commerce experience. Perimeter Mall’s food court takes the theme a bit further, with space organized to improve circulation, maximize seating, and give diners a restaurant-like experience with banquettes, communal tables and a sophisticated lack of garish signage: each tenant displays its brand on a simple, consistent sign band.

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