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The Grand Hotel - Autograph by Marriott

Point Clear, Alabama

With the goal of making each guest feel like a pampered celebrity, the main landmark building of the Grand Hotel in Point Clear Alabama interior decor is updated to align the finest of Southern hospitality service and tradition with a new design that nods to the past yet provides a fresh new decor and the latest food concepts and understated luxurious amenities. The interior design is an eclectic mix of Old World charm and modern southern hospitality. With the past and present generations of families in mind, the new face lift keeps the old characteristics of the building in tact while providing a new floor plan that flows just right and puts emphasis on telling the stories that have made the property such a legacy. Through the use of signature focal features and artwork, the property is full of delightful surprises. Whether the guest is attending a conference, a wedding, to play golf, a family vacation or is a local resident, the new design celebrates the magic of this understated yet elegant place located overlooking the Mobile Bay among the majestic live Oak trees and beautiful landscaping. The new design takes cues from the history and character of existing features, finishes, textures and patterns of the building yet adds a new layer of 21st Century pizzazz.

View of Library Wall and Seating Area
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Partnered with Blue Lantern Studios on F&B Design

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Partnered with Blue Lantern Studios on F&B Design

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