Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1999, Sims Patrick Studio was founded by Libby Patrick and is led by a trio of experienced Principals working in complementary roles: Libby (our conceptual and narrative guru), Jenny Rutledge (3D design, construction and architect collaboration), and Melissa Wylie (operations and FF&A quality control).

Our team as a whole is a collection of world travelers and creative explorers, designers, planners and administrators with a love of culture and nature, fashion and leisure, business and sport. We are more than our job titles; we pride ourselves in not only immersing ourselves in the storytelling of our work but in the passions that fuel our fires beyond our desks.

Read more about each of us below.  


Libby Sims Patrick


Jenny Rutledge

Principal, Design + Construction

Melissa Wylie

Principal, Design + Operations

Soleil Smith

Senior Associate

Natalia Panagopoulos

Project Designer

Shyam Ketkar

Interior Architecture

Kristiina Peterson

Project Designer

Karter Gao

Project Designer

Stephanie England


Vanessa Verheuvel

Project Designer

Tinsley Cohen

Project Designer

Angela Zhou

Office Manager

Jess Wong

Project Designer

Liz Higgins

Project Designer

Teja Pothireddy

Project Designer

Lauren Coley

Project Designer

Kayla Russian

Project Designer