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Historic Renovation

The Historic Belleview Inn

Belleair, Florida

Located in Clearwater on the 1st golf course ever developed in Florida this 1897 Victorian style resort has evolved through the additions of 7 different Owners. Known in her heyday as “the White Queen of the Gulf” a regal Southern Belle dispensing hospitality with grace and warmth. The white shingle style building with its signature green roof is a well-known iconic resort nestled inland of the coast. Until the 1940’s, the hotel was the home away from home for the rich and famous and New England dignitaries visiting to play golf. The eclectic mansion had the Great Gatsby elegance and charm of the times. Imagine, high fashion suits with top hats and flowing silk dresses with pearls, the big band orchestra with dancing in an exclusive Stone Crab Club. Henry Plant started the legacy with a 100-room hotel on the golf course. He later passed the property on to his son Morton who married a flamboyant woman named Maisie. The rebirth of the 35 room Belleview Biltmore Inn will celebrate old world glamour with the addition of modern southern charm. The hotel will retain the classic symmetrical layout of the grand mansion. On the first floor, guests enjoy the inviting porches, the entry foyer(reception) with grand staircase in the formal living room, the den (history room), the library (the Pub), the butler’s quarters (back of house), dining room, kitchen and the parlor (Maisey's ice cream market). The 2nd through 4th floors are guest rooms off of a grand hall. The property is well landscaped and adjacent to the Belleview country club for golf, tennis and fine dining. Our design for the public spaces will feature the original architectural details of the wood floors, wall paneling, marble fireplaces and ceiling coffers. The overall palette will be more feminine with light, neutral walls in the main living areas and Maisey's with contrast in the floor, furniture and furnishings and artwork. In specialty areas like the pub and library we envision darker walls and floors to create a more masculine feeling. Throughout, there will be an eclectic mix of select antique pieces mixed with classically inspired modern furnishings and accessories to give an old world glamour meets modern southern charm aesthetic. Custom new and antiques rugs, beautiful decorative lighting fixtures and carefully selected old and new artwork will punctuate special areas and be incorporated into the interior walls. The finishes will be a curated mix of beautiful painted finishes mixed with stained wood, burnished metals, leather, polished surfaces and beautiful classic patterns and textures used for pillows and accents. The history room will tell the story of the property and the people and events that occurred between 1897 and today. This story will weave through all of the public spaces and into the guest rooms both literally and in an abstract way to create the rebirth of the Belleview Biltmore.

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